Tech Favorites

I recently purchased a new iPhone, and while I was at it I repurchased some phone favorites. I am not a tech person, my husband is that half of our duo, but over the years he has introduced me to some really amazing products that make my technology easy to use and last for years to come!


One of the awesome products comes from a company called ZAGG. From my very first iPhone, I purchased a ZAGG Screen protector. This past time I purchased the HD Glass Screen Protector. This screen protector is the best yet, because it scratch resistant tempered glass, contains a blue light filter, has oil repelling technology, and offers a lifetime guarantee! I no longer have to worry about dropping my phone or throwing it in my purse, and makeup is no match to my screens clarity. Also, blue light can be damaging to your eyes, so it is great that ZAGG offers the filtered screen protector.

Here are some close ups so you can see how ultra thin this screen protector is!



Another favorite is the Pawtec Premium Lightning USB Cable. I love this because of the extra length! It makes charging my phone anywhere super easy and very accessible. Another favorite feature that really does make a difference is that this cable is Apple certified. This means that the company that made my phone approves this as being safe and compatible to use with my iPhone. Cell phones can cost a lot of money, so I feel good about using a product that is approved like this. One more detail that makes this a favorite is that the cable is wrapped! We have all had charging cables that tear from pulling and bending. The orange color makes this so fun, but it serves a real purpose that will help it last.

I really hope you try some of these products with your current tech devices, or if you too have made a recent purchase you will go out and get these! I genuinely love these products and I know you will too!

***Just because I feel like it needs to be said, none of the companies I mentioned or linked to are affiliated with me or are compensating me in anyway. I genuinely love these products and all opinions of these products are my own.***