Essentail Oils

About 4 years ago I found myself with major hormonal issues. I stopped menstruating altogether. A saw a doctor and she said probably PCOS. We did birth control to try to get me back on track and it didn’t work. I saw another doctor, he said I was probably just overweight. My weight hadn’t changed since the issue started. I even tried to lose weight to see if that was the problem. It wasn’t. After failed attempts at figuring out what was wrong I started searching for natural remedies. That is when I came across essential oils and how so many products I used daily were full of hormone disruptors. It has been a slow process replacing conventional products with natural ones, but the more and more I have switched the healthier I have become. Menstruation came back. Than became regular. Now, I am expecting and I was told I would probably need medical intervention to make that happen.

I ended ordering a Premium Starter Kit from Young living and signed up to be a distributor. I just wanted the discount. I wasn’t sure if these “plant oils” were going to do anything for me, but I was desperate for something to work. I am incredibly grateful I made that choice. I use my essential oils, among many other YL products, every single day. I didn’t know if they would work. My husband even teased me at first and said “got your oils hippy?” He now asks for them!

Why Young Living?

There are tons on essential oil products on the market! I have seen oils for sale at major grocery stores and department stores, but not all oils are created equal. Before I ever purchased any essential oils I spent a great amount of time researching the various companies. I already had enough hormonal problems, I was not about to create anymore. Young Living is truly the only company I trust for essential oils! They have an incredible process called “Seed to Seal”. YL provides products that are organic, free of chemicals, pesticides, and any synthetic materials. The quality is superior to anything else I have seen on the market. There are other companies that sell organic oils, but I have yet to see another company that takes that quality as serious as YL does.

How do I use them?

Essentail oils can be used many ways, but my favorite its to diffuse them. I have a diffuser I got in my Premium Starter Kit. You fill it with a little water and a few drops of the essential oils, and push the on button. It’s that easy! It fills my home with wonderful scents, boosts my families mood, and even can help to purify the air. Essential oils can also be used topically and internally! I use the oils topically for common skin issues like acne, soothing muscles after a hard workout, and for even perfume some days. If you are going to take essential oils internally, this is where the quality I mentioned before matters! One way I use essential oils internally is adding lime essential oil to guacamole, and orange essential oil to sparkling water.

How do I get Young Living Essential Oils?

You can go the the Young Living Website and sign up to get essential oils! The best part is that YL allows their customer to also be wholesale members without any commitment to selling, throwing parties, or doing business of any kind. That means ZERO commitment and all of the benefits! As a wholesale member you receive 24% off your products, have the ability to sign up with Essential Rewards, and makes some extra money for your family if you want. The best part to becoming a wholesale member is that there is NO OBLIGATION to sell the products whatsoever at anytime. The ONLY thing you have to do to become a wholesale member is order your Premium Starter Kit. (Which is the best deal! I have ordered 3 now!) I do not know of another company that offers this. One more reason to love them!

Here is the steps to singing up:

  1. Go to the Young Living website.
  2. Click “Become A Member” at the top of the page.
  3. Choose the type of member you would like to be! Wholesale or retail!
  4. Don’t forget to check that I introduced you to Young Living. Here is my member number: 2527189
  5. Fill out some info about yourself. They just need to know who you are and where to ship it! 
  6. Order your kit!
  7. Be changed by essential oils!!!